Thursday, 15 April 2010

Passengers Face TRAVEL CHAOS

Air passengers face travel chaos after a gigantic plume of volcanic ash from Iceland forced the closure of airports and the cancellation of flights. 600,000 people are affected.

A spokesman for British Airways said: "It's totally inappropriate for this cloud of ash to drift here during the busy Easter period. This will hurt businesses and families who have saved up for their holidays and probably puppies too.

"We have tried to reason with the ash cloud but it refuses to get round the table and hammer out a deal."

BA say that, even though all the airports have been shut, up to 85% of their planes are still flying.

Have you been affected by the giant cloud of ash? Why not send us your no doubt considered and reasoned opinions on this story?


  1. Dear British FRAUDcasting Association,

    Now, I'm not racist but I think all right-minded people would agree that it beggars belief that Nu-Liar-Bore care so little about protecting our country's borders that they are letting in clouds of ash from ICELAND. And no doubt the British tax-payer will be paying for hand outs to these ominous clouds, at the behest of our masters in Brussels! I speak for the silent majority when I say this is just more multicultural nonsense from the usual bleeding-heart liberal, politically correct brigade. But then I suppose my views don't count - I was only born here.

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