Thursday, 18 February 2010

Can You Believe This Guy?

So a senior Tory MP has lambasted us paupers for not understanding the hectic life of a create of Westminster. Nicholas Winterton, Tory MP for Macclesfield, says MPs need to travel first class on trains to get work done, and so they don't have to mix with the "totally different type of people" one might meet in standard class.

He's right about the peace and quiet though, Last time I was on a train on the Midland mainline, someone had had the bright idea to make three out of eight coaches first class. There were about half a dozen people in each of those three and the rest of us crammed in like sardines. Now I wonder if any of them were MPs.

Believe it or not, Winterton has been on the Modernisation of the house of Commons Committee for the last few years.


  1. as a fulltime student with various of commitments. I take the train touniveristy and would lovethe opportunity to have the space to do work on my way, It isn't always possible for me to read a book due to restrictions of space. Alias I like most people do not have the money to upgrade to first class. I would suggest that if MP's wanted to use their travel time to do their work,they pay for it themselves rather than at the tax payers expense.

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  3. I am a student too and take the train from London Stansted quite a bit. First Class is always empty or near empty yet everyone else is crushed into the rest of the carriages. I wonder if Lenin rode first class; can't see how he would have written anything otherwise!

  4. According to Orlando Figes, Lenin preferred no smoking compartments on trains. This was indicative of his authoritarian tendencies...